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Hi, I’m Joan! Wikipedia describes me as “a Chinese and American actress, film director, screenwriter, and film producer.” However, Wikipedia doesn’t know that above all I am an eater! Nuts, crackers, cheese, you name it. I won’t even call myself a “foodie” because I will eat anything and if it’s got enough fat/starch/salt/sugar/sinful deliciousness I will love it.



Well, I’m not twenty-five any more and I don’t want my habits to catch up with me. I’m aiming for a healthier, fitter life, but I don’t want to subsist on celery sticks and spend my days on the treadmill. Not only am I a lover of food but I enjoy sitting around. So let’s see if I can continue to stuff my face but look more like an empress!

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 1.17.44 AM

Hopefully it won’t involve eating flowers.

大家好,我是陈冲!维基百科形容我的大堆废话其实完全不得要领,我此生最重要的身份应该是一名吃客,更准确地说是一头贪吃的猪。坚果、饼干、奶酪…… 还有蹄膀、狮子头(这么说我还是一个食同类者)。想把自己说成“美食家”都不好意思,因为我几乎什么都吃,只要有足够油、淀粉、盐、糖的食品我都爱,不吃就没有幸福感。


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5 thoughts on “About Joan

  1. Happy New Year Joan & family! Today I am trying your Broccoli-Kale-White bean soup after my 5ile hike . I’ll let you know how it goes. BTW, watched all of “Marco Polo” on Netflix last week– bravo, good work!
    All the best,
    Suzanne in (chilly) New Jersey

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  2. You look great as always. Happy to have come across this blog, the recipes look great. Will definitely be sharing these with my partner – I am bad about mindful eating when I am too busy with work.


  3. Hello Joan, congratulations on your recipes, on the time you invest to inform about your humble opinion on healthy diet and the pleasant and creative form of your blog. In one of your recent presentation (I think you were stationed in Malaysia for a film), you talked about the serious issue of the palm oil industry and the damages on the environment, especially in the South East Asia regions.
    I have 25+ years in the food industry and now I focus on organic certified products. I set up a new company last year, based in Philadelphia PA, and we import from Europe a chocolate hazelnut spread with no palm oil. It is a delicious alternative to world market leader Italian brand Nutella, and we aim the families that wish to contribute to the efforts to limit the use of palm oil in the process food. We also launched a line of gourmet cookies from France that have no palm oil. All our products are certified organic. It would be a pleasure to have you taste these product as a courtesy. Do you accept samples? Thank you! (for your information, I was born in Berkeley CA from French parents and I am also very involved with the Chinese community here in Philly).


  4. If you are still reading comments on your blog, you should do a biopic about Chien-Shiung Wu.

    In a small article in the Discover May 2017 issue, the arcticle tells a brief story of her being the First Lady of Physics.


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