Frog Legs and Porridge

IMG_0196I will be shooting almost everyday for the rest of my stay here and will not have time to cook. As my thoughts turned to packing, I began to give away things from my kitchen.  Though I will miss cooking, I am excited to try some of the local restaurants that my friends have been telling me about.  There are many unique and delicious places in Johor if one knows where to look.  My Singaporean friends often drive across the border to eat the more authentic pepper crabs, braised duck rice noodle or crispy fried pork chop with preserved beancurd in Johor. 

Tonight, my friend Russel and his wife Judy took me and another friend to a place that specializes in frogs and porridge.  I am not exactly a frogs fan— as a matter of fact I have always been a bit squeamish about the idea of eating frogs — but I went along out of curiosity since they had been raving about it.  Am I glad I did!  It was one of the most delicious meals that I have had in Johor.  It’s interesting how we become more adventurous and game to try things when we are traveling.  That was what I did and I was amply rewarded by the experience. 

We ordered frogs in two different flavors —  Kung Pao and Ginger Scallion, along with some of their other signature dishes such as Steam Egg Custard, Crispy Pork Chops, Tofu in onion and scallion oil and Otak-otak. Their Otak-otak was especially tasty because it was made of fresh fish fillet mixed with spicy fish paste.  We ate the flavorful dishes with a pot of porridge with sesame oil and ginger.  In about 20 minutes, we finished the first pot of porridge and had to order a second pot.


The four of us pigged out for about US$35 and could hardly move after we emptied all the plates.

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