Lunch Break for the Hungry Empress



My friend Russel brought to set my favorite local food — a Hakka dish call Lei Cha, meaning pounded tea.  It is made with chopped baby Bok Choy, green beans, cabbage, tofu and roasted seeds served in a green minty broth with rice or rice noodle.  It is light and healthy, yet very satisfying.  We broke for lunch more than two hours later than scheduled (yet again,) and I was ravenous.  After devouring the Lei Cha in a matter of minutes, I went on to eat the quinoa pumpkin salad with prawns and the flaxseed veggie sandwiches from our Marco Polo kitchen. 


P1080553 (1)

It was a good thing that I was only off camera after lunch because I couldn’t put my belt back on with all the food that I had consumed.  And I was in such a food coma that I could barely stand up. One consolation is that all the dishes were made with healthy and fresh ingredients.  And I have also foregone snacks on set, because I am boycotting palm oil.  The palm oil industry has been burning thousands of acres of rain forest everyday, dooming this region in a haze, a literal gloom every year during this season. Today, schools here were shut down again because of bad air pollution. 


The haze today

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