Marco Polo Kitchen


Chef Duyen making green papaya salad



Fish wrapped and baked in turmeric coconut milk and fresh herbs



I had a tour of the Marco Polo kitchen and met the people who cook two meals a day for many hundreds of us cast and crew.  It was pre-lunch hour and the whole place was an organized frenzy — every pair of hands was busy slicing, chopping, stirring, tossing, kneading, frosting.  I was surprised to see that our morning sausages are actually homemade from our own kitchen.  Every cooking station fascinated me and I lingered for quite a while.  I wanted to stay longer, but felt like a sixth toe and somehow in everybody’s way.







Homemade sausages

When I first arrived in the studio, I met our assistant head chef Duyen Hackett and she asked me what I would like to eat when I am filming.  I said simply delicious healthy food — without much expectations because of previous experiences.  Therefore I was happily surprised by what I found waiting for me in my dressing room at lunch hour.  The fusion flavored foods she had prepared for us in the past few days were really tasty and healthy.  We are sometimes many hours late when we break for lunch and the dishes have often been sitting in my room for quite a while before I get to it, but they have all been quite yummy.  Or have I simply been too hungry?  I’ve always finished everything on my plates.


Lunch was over two hours late, but the grilled dory fish, shrimp avocado mango salad was still yummy



We are in an area where fresh seafood is abundant.  After all the pork knuckles that I ate in Europe, I was ready to switch to fish.

Duyen has promised to give me a few of her favorite recipes in the next couple of days. I will share with you soon!




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