Missing My Moon Baby


Tomorrow is Mid Autumn Festival when the moon will be at her brightest for the year.  In China, millions of people travel home from wherever they are to reunite with their families on this day.  The perfect full moon symbolizes the circle of togetherness and harmony.  It is the most auspicious day on the lunar calendar.  And my older daughter Angela was born on Mid Autumn Festival 17 years ago.

Yesterday, Angela had an accident that frightened me.  She bruised, cut and almost blinded her right eye on the freezer door.  As I struggled to concentrate on the scene that I was playing today, my mind wandered thousands of miles away to San Francisco.  I messed up my dialogue for the first few takes, but in the end my homesickness, my longing and regrets guided me toward the underlying emotions for the scene, in which my character’s sons were missing and she was full of regrets.





When we broke for lunch, I found the most healthy and delicious lunch waiting for me in the dressing room.  This was such a treat after suffering from months of bad catering in Budapest.  I ate as I FaceTimed my family.  My husband, the prawn lover, was envious when he saw my lemongrass grilled prawns.  My favorite was the pomelo salad with sweet spicy Vietnamese dressing and crispy onion.  The fruit is grown locally and it is in season.  I can’t wait to try them in different salads and share them with you!  I will consult our chef and possibly learn a few dishes from her.

P1080398   P1080390

4 thoughts on “Missing My Moon Baby

  1. What a gorgeous photo of Angela & Audrey! I hope Angela is doing okay and recovering well. I’m sorry to hear about her accident.

    Hope to see you soon when you’re back home.

    Love your food postings!

    Xo, Jane


    • Good to hear from you! I had wanted to get together with you and Suzanne when I had a short home visit, but got caught up with too many things that I had to deal with. I hope you are doing well!


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