The Butcher & The Mother

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 6.46.52 AM

We were served by this owner chef today. Like in this photo, he didn’t smile much, but he did cook very delicious food.


This grandmother is the inspiration behind According To My Mother.

I came back to Budapest without Audrey — my little companion in all the adventures here for the past month.  I woke up this morning pining for her.  Had she come back with me, we would have looked at the map together and found a new place to explore.  When I opened the suitcase that we had stored here with friends, I saw her favorite white sandals, left here by mistake, and decided to wear them for the day.

P1070983   P1070986

P1070981   P1070988

My friend took me to a little restaurant called Butcher’s Kitchen for lunch.  The place is known for it’s sandwiches and fried potato wedges, but we decided to go low carb by ordering grilled pork neck and spareribs.  Like most other times that I went for “low carb” in Budapest, I ended up consuming a lot of carbs.  In today’s case, they were two baked potatoes with sour cream and cheese.  Those were arguably one of the best baked potatoes that I had ever had — crispy skinned, smoky flavored and with the perfect texture.  It was the smoky flavor in particular that made them special.  The joint is worth a visit just for the potatoes.  And the pork was also delicious.  Since Butcher’s Kitchen is less than 10 minutes walk from where I’m staying, I see myself coming back here again to sample the sandwiches in the near future. 

 P1070991   P1070996

 P1070990   P1070995

The day’s best discovery was a tiny cafe called Anyam Szerint — According To My Mother in English.  My friend and I walked by it after lunch and were immediately drawn to the sweet aroma and aura emanating from it.  Audrey would have loved this quaint little nook filled with freshly baked desserts and confectioner’s sugar.  I could see her in my mind’s eye — standing in front of the counter, as I was, in her shoes — having the most difficult time deciding on only one piece.   

11377393_854312334659574_5476732979495169322_n   11222245_873084256115715_8192690619381834550_n

My friend and I shared a cherry pastry that was absolutely scrumptious.  Because it was semisweet, you could really taste the fresh cherries through the airy layers of phyllo.  This is a nostalgic and cheerful place that reminds you of the gentle, warm and pleasurable moments in life. 

P1080003   P1080004

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