Fifty Shades of Green


I didn’t come up with the name, I have to admit.  (I never read the book either.)  Sometime ago, I saw a similar salad on a food magazine in a doctor’s office and thought it would be a fun idea to try making a salad with all spectrum of the color green.  It’s amazing how this homogeneous looking salad is so richly diverse in taste from bite to bite — each shade of green is its own unique flavor and texture.   


Fifty Shades of Green

Ingredients for the salad:

3 packed cups torn butter lettuce

1 packed cup mixed spring greens

1 packed cup Arugula

1 cucumber, sliced

2 avocados, sliced

1/2 cup shelled pistachio nuts, chopped

1 tablespoon fresh dill, chopped

Ingredients for the dressing:

Juice of 1 Meyer lemon

1/2 teaspoon salt or to taste

1/2 cup nonfat Greek yogurt (I used nonfat Fage)

2 teaspoon chopped dill

1 teaspoon honey



Mix all the ingredients for the dressing in food processor.

Mix all the leaves in a salad bowl. Pour the desired amount of dressing and toss to mix.  Add avocado and gently toss with the rest of the salad.  Top with pistachio nuts before serving.

P1060798  P1060801

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