Mango Sorbet


It was a glorious April day and the temperature was in the 70s — warmer than many of our summer days.  How could anyone be inside and working on a day like this?  I called Peter at 5pm and asked, “ Can you play a little hooky and take a walk with me?” — meaning “I miss you,” not expecting him to actually do it. 

Ten minutes later, I heard the garage door open and there he was.  “Let’s go take a walk,” he said casually as if this was an everyday occurrence.  I was so surprised I couldn’t speak. 

Peter changed into shorts while I quickly made a mango sorbet for him.  It took me less than five minutes, but he said it really hit the spot.

We walked on Union Street holding hands.  This almost felt illicit — strolling with him in the afternoon sun on a weekday.  It was as if he was not my husband, but someone else’s husband that I had stolen just for today.  It was wonderful, better than a real vacation.

We walked by a few restaurants where people were dining al fresco style on the sunny sidewalk and we decided to do the same.  We sat down at an outside table in a restaurant call Capannina.  After we ordered, I heard the lady sitting at the next table telling her young daughter about me as if I was a painting on the wall.  She said, “Remember you said you wanted to be a Chinese princess?  This lady played a princess in a film.  She is a movie star.”  The young daughter looked at me — practically an old woman — and was dubious.  The lady probably sensed that I was a bit uncomfortable and embarrassed by her admiration and apologized.

Peter and I had a delicious three course meal, and when we asked for the bill we were told that the dinner was paid for by the lady at the next table. We thanked her and walked into the setting sun.

Our impromptu date turned out perfectly.  Everyone should play a little hooky once in a while.


Mango Sorbet


2 cups frozen mango cubes

2 tbsp fresh lime juice

2 tbsp fresh sweet orange juice

Blend everything in a powerful blender or food processor.  I used my Vitamix.


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