Leaving Las Vegas


She wanted to take a picture of everything because she said she didn’t want to forget anything.


When we wrapped late last night, Audrey took a very long time saying good-bye to people.  She hugged everyone multiple times and snapped as many selfies as she could with many of them.  How different she is from me, who always quietly sneaks away at the end of every shoot.  As soon as we got back to the hotel, she said to me, “I’m sad.  I will probably never see them again…  I wish it would never end, but I’m also happy that it’s finished…”  Then she added, “I miss Tiffanie.  I miss Ross.  I miss JQ.  I miss Houston.  I miss Pin.  I miss Kyle.  I miss Julian…” She named everyone that had had any contact with her during the filming.  Her melancholy reminded me of my younger days when I, too, felt forlorn the night after a film was completed, as I knew I would probably never again see many of the people with whom I had grown close to during the intense filming.  


Yesterday, we filmed in Inspire Theater, the loveliest little place in the entire Las Vegas. It is a specialty theater with a cafe and a bar and lounges. Audrey was having lunch and doing SAT words on the balcony.


Just across the street from the loveliest place in Las Vegas is this restaurant called the Heart Attack Grill, where people over 350 pounds eat free meals in a hospital gown on stage. I had to take a picture for my cardiologist husband Peter.


Audrey’s character Adeline volunteers to be “disappeared” by the magician on the stage of Inspire Theater.

Audrey has grown by leaps and bounds in this whirlwind of a spring break. She was kept on her toes and learning something new every moment.  Before this film, she hadn’t even expressed any desire to act, but by the end of the shoot, she was practically a pro.  Her ease in front of the camera surprised me.  Her innocent instinct to trust the things and people around her was a quality that I wish I had more of.  I have no idea if Audrey will be an actor in the future, but playing mother and daughter in this little project was the most wonderful adventure that the two of us shared, better than any vacation anywhere in the world. 

Who would have guessed that Las Vegas, of all places, would become so special for us?



Using her per diem to buy gifts for daddy and Angela in the airport


No more looking out the car window on the way from SFO to home. During the filming, she hardly ever looked at her phone.

The first thing I did after I got home was, of course, to cook dinner.  Peter had suggested for us to go out, but Audrey and I missed simple, healthy, home cooked Chinese food.  These are dishes that I have made hundreds of times in my life.  They make me feel that I’m home.


Quick braised tofu with vegetables in Ponzu sauce


Bok Choi shiitake stir fry with oyster sauce

I will try to remember what I used in these stir fries and share the recipes in the next couple of days.  So happy to be home!

8 thoughts on “Leaving Las Vegas

  1. I really enjoy reading this! Audrey has grown up indeed, she looks tall! This reminded me of Chloe when she wrapped with MP. She sat at the corner of the car and looked outside as the car took off, back to KL, and let out a huge sigh. What am I going to do now? It’s all over, I really want to do this again:( (teary eyes) . Without realizing she’s merely 11 and needs to go back to school! Hope to see you and Audrey again sometime. Best from Chloe & Olivia. x

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  2. I said it before but I will say it again. You and Audrey are two of the most lovely people I have ever met and you both made my trip more than I expected. I miss you both and felt the sadness that she felt as well. As I look back at the week I am reminded of all the chats and laughter, from the scenes where you both had to fight and I felt as though we “broke up” so as not to disturb your process. To the “hairstyle” she almost made you wear to Fremont and everything in between. (especially the way she eats baby carrots)… THANK YOU SO MUCH….


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