Report from Sin City


Audrey was driven a little crazy by the weird hotel atmosphere and was drawing on the paper table cloth like a mad artist.


Happy Easter!


Artisan Hotel Lobby. It looks better in the picture because you don’t feel the grimy texture. It is dark day or night and people look like zombies in there.

Audrey and I took an afternoon flight to Las Vegas.  When we got off the plane, she asked me, “Why is it called sin city?”  “You will see,” I said.  By 8:30pm, when we left the hotel to have dinner, she said, “Yeah, I see why it is called sin city.”  We are working with a group of very talented young artists on this wonderful little film, but it is definitely a low budget film.  The production put us up in an “adult hotel” called Artisan Hotel, where the swimming pool was actually off limits to children.  The black walls and the black ceiling are full of frames of faded imitation masterpieces and mirrors.  Apparently each room features a different master and I am staying at the John Singer Sargent room.  I understand it was supposed to be so garish that it is kitsch, but it is just dreary.  Audrey commented, “It makes me feel like I’m in some really depressing and cheap horror movie.”  It may be an interesting set for the film, but how can one rest at all in a place like this?  Promptly at midnight, the pool party started with thundering music.  Needless to say, we are moving tomorrow.


Aromatic Beef Curry

Well, on to more pleasant things: home cooked food!  Before I left home today, I made food that can keep well in the fridge for Peter and Angela.  Here is a preview of one of them.  I will post the recipe when I have time in the next couple of days.

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