Egghead Benedict


One thing I love about staying in a fine hotel is the room service.  My daughters love it too.  Whenever we travel, they ask to have room service, especially when they are jet lagged.  My favorite room service meal is breakfast.  I would always fill out the breakfast door tag at night and use the room service as my wake up call.  This is the part of traveling I luxuriate the most.


I ordered Egg Benedict this morning at the L’ermitage Beverly Hills not only because it’s a treat that I wouldn’t make at home but also it’s very name reminds me of Benedict Wong — the great Kublai Khan in Marco Polo.  His head was completely shaved when we were filming and I called him Egghead Benedict.  Here is to you, Benny!

I have been on the road for much of November and December, but I am finally home now for a good stretch.  And I look forward to cooking more, eating healthier, and providing everyone with more consistent and higher quality blog posts. Bon appetit!

dish washing

I beat the storm warning tonight and came home just in time to wash dishes.


The housewife faking as a star

4 thoughts on “Egghead Benedict

  1. I like the picture that you are washing dishes. Who is the photographer if you don’t mind? You look amazing in the kitchen, a star faking as a housewife…Haha


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