If you could only eat one food for months…

…what would it be?

Beet Salad

I remember eating beets for an entire season once when I was a child.  Nothing else.  Just beets.  It was beets or starvation.  I endured it because I had to, and because my mother made me believe that beets would make me pretty.  My friend Victor who is also from Shanghai remembers having only eggplants for many months as a child.  He was told that eggplant would make him virile.  He still can’t eat eggplant today.


But I have since recovered from my beet aversion.  And I now love the fall and all the root vegetables that come on the market around this time.  I came across the freshest beets in the Farmers Market in Civic Center today.  And I made a delicious beet salad with them.  It is simple to make and extremely healthy.

Steam the beets for 30 minutes.  Let it cool and slice into cubes.  Add an avocado and some organic baby spinach leaves, goat cheese, watermelon seeds and a few petals of edible lavender flower. 

I made a citrus dressing, but hardly used it.  The soft buttery texture and natural sweet taste was so perfect that just a little fresh lemon juice, salt and freshly ground pepper should be enough for this salad.

By the way, I also sautéed the leaves with garlic and they were also tender and yummy.

3 thoughts on “If you could only eat one food for months…

  1. somehow since I’ve been in Rome I’ve forgotten about beets. used to have them a lot back in NYC, maybe it was because of the vicinity to my then favorite restaurants which were Odessa and Kiev in the east village where a little money went a long way and we would go home with a stretched stomach. hot borscht in the winder cold in the summer. Pierogis and blintzes and beets (oh my!). Home, I would just throw them into salads, but the goat cheese, pine nuts and avocado combination sounds perfect. And will think of you. x


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