Origin of My Love for Ice Cream + Halo Top Review

Maquelonne Toussaint-Samat asserts in her History of Food that “the Chinese may be credited with inventing a device to make sorbets and ice cream.” Some distorted accounts claim that in the Yuan Dynasty, Kublai Khan enjoyed ice cream and kept it a royal secret until Marco Polo visited China and took the technique of making ice cream to Italy. We should have covered this in one of the episodes of Marco Polo!

Ice cream was a rarity in China when we were growing up. I heard from other girls that you would be rewarded with a bowl of ice cream if you were lucky enough to have your tonsils removed. It was a minor surgical procedure performed without anesthesia. I convinced my mother to let me have the operation, but when I was given a bowl of ice cream to soothe my throat, swallowing hurt so badly that I gave my reward to my brother.

Nowadays ice cream is everywhere, and I have had decades to recover from my tonsillectomy so ice cream is once again a great love of mine. However, we all know how overindulgence in ice cream isn’t exactly healthy…

Product Review!

Ice Cream

Clockwise from upper left: lemon cake, vanilla bean, strawberry, chocolate.

This weekend, Halo Top Creamery (IG: @halotopcreamery) was generous enough to send us coupons for four pints of their delicious light ice cream! Unlike other ice creams, Halo Top is actually healthy, and you can eat the whole pint without wanting to go to sleep with a gigantic food baby. Here’s our review!


This is good. It’s what you’d expect from strawberry ice cream. It tastes like strawberries and it’s rich and creamy.


With a rich deep chocolatey taste, this one is reminiscent of what you’d get at Ghirardelli Square, minus the blood sugar spike and subsequent regret.

Vanilla Bean

This is great. It’s got pretty little dots of vanilla, barely visible, but it gives the ice cream this cute artisanal look. This is my older daughter Angela’s favorite.

Lemon Cake

Audrey says: “Tell them this one’s your favorite!” I’ve never had a lemon cake ice cream flavor before, but I’m telling you it’s wonderful. It kind of has a very mild hint of egg yolk taste, so if you don’t like egg yolk then you probably won’t like this flavor as much, but I personally loved it.


Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 2.47.06 PM

from the Halo Top website

I usually hate talking about calories; they’re just units of energy, after all, and everyone acts like they’re evil. But in this case I think I have to bring it up because it’s honestly part of what makes this ice cream one of my favorites. Halo Top Creamery ice cream is under 300 kcal per PINT, and if you’re anything like me you will always eat the whole pint. Not only will you be able to enjoy ice cream without bursting at the seams, you’ll also get 28 g protein per pint! I think you get the idea. I may be gluttonous, but I do have some standards. I will definitely look forward to having this again in the future.

Disclaimer: Yes, Halo Top did give us coupons for their ice cream, but don’t worry, no company will ever be able to buy our opinions! We really do love this ice cream.

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