I love food. Especially coconut.

I ate all the leftovers in the refrigerator as my breakfast.  Eating everyone’s leftovers was part of the reason I gained so much weight.  The kids call me the garbage disposal.  My husband calls me “Piece-by-piece.”  I simply can’t throw any food away.  The year I was born, millions of people starved to death in China.  When I was growing up everything was rationed.  When we bought meat, it would be a piece about an inch thick and the length of a chopstick and we would carry it home on a chopstick.  Everyone in the neighborhood would know we were having meat on that day.  I learned at a very young age to slice the pork as fine as angel hair pasta.  There are a lot of shredded meats in Chinese cuisine probably because of scarcity.


Now, in this world of abundance, I still subconsciously prepare for famine.  I buy bulk at Costco.  The pantry is always fully stocked.  The two full-sized refrigerators with four freezers are always filled to the brim.  Angela always complains that there is too much food in the house.  “Why do you have to buy food when there is still food in the house?”  I don’t have an answer to that.  But perhaps subconsciously I still prepare for famine and a house full of food  is the concrete sign that I have arrived at a good life. 

Instead of going to the gym, I walked all the way to Chinatown to buy my favorite braised extra firm tofu.  One dollar for two pieces.  I bought eight for four dollars.  They are not only delicious but also a steal. I have found that I am not gobbling down as much food anymore since I started the blog and began taking pictures of some of my food.  But of course I had a second piece of the tofu and a third one before dinner.


We had relatives over for dinner and I made a yummy curry chicken with onion, carrots, cauliflower and potatoes.  Anyone can make a wow curry dish with the “MAE PLOY” brand of curry paste, coconut oil, coconut milk and lemongrass.  I guarantee it. It’s a bit on the heavy side because of all the coconut, but research has shown that the lauric acid in coconut is actually good for you compared to other types of saturated fat. At least that’s what I use to justify my love of coconut!

SCAN0116 2

Back when I could pig out and still look hot.


Coconut love.

Audrey eating

AUDREY DOESN’T SHARE FOOD! It runs in the family.

5 thoughts on “I love food. Especially coconut.

  1. Hallo Joan!
    I saw your blog repostet on facebook. I share your love for coconut! As a matter of fact so much, that I return to SE Asia every year for it – it would be 5 years now. Of course, nobody knows the real reason is the coconut. You simply can´t get the taste here in Europe. What a shame is that, isn´t it?
    Just wanted to stop by and say hello. And it´s a wonderfull writing btw. Take care!



  2. Once again,coconut又不是我的菜。我不太喜欢它那种过于浓郁的甜香,而椰子水似乎又太清淡了。我更喜欢芒果,除了同样浓郁的热带味道,还有那么一点点酸酸的。我一直以为,芒果才是初恋的味道,热烈里面有的是酸酸甜甜。等到放久了……唉,不回头也罢!😅😅



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