Reflecting on Today – and, Oatmeal


Today I had porridge made of Cellucor whey, coconut flour and oats topped with walnuts and frozen berries for breakfast at 6:00am.  I couldn’t sleep because I was worried about my husband’s stress levels.  He got called into the hospital at an ungodly hour and decided to sleep a couple of hours on the examination table before work instead of coming back home.  Stirring the porridge helped to calm me down. And eating it was heavenly.

The best thing of the day was that I actually hauled my ass to the gym in the afternoon.  I worked out on the elliptical with the music from the movie Up.  Unlike Angela, my older daughter, who listens to trashy fast music during workouts to pump her up, I like to listen to film scores or classical music.  I don’t care to chase the speed of the drums.  What I need is to chase away the boredom.  Through memories and imaginations, the most powerful mechanism against monotony.  The music brought to me longing, sadness, mystery, tension and jubilation.  I conjured up images from past, present and future as I sweated away on the machine.  Mostly, the music brought back the tender moments in life that made even the hardest time meaningful.  When I finally left the gym, I was filled with gratitude. 

Why didn’t I go in the past 10 days?  Must make myself go again tomorrow.

It was 2pm when I got home.  I quickly ate a bowl of pistachio nuts in shells before Angela came home.  She is my main food Nazi.  A little regret, but  at least they were in shells.  I only buy nuts in shells in the hope that shelling them could slow down my eating.

Will cook vegetable soup and baked tofu in miso sauce for me and the girls and will add a sautéed chicken with celery for my husband.

7 thoughts on “Reflecting on Today – and, Oatmeal

  1. Working out is a meditation…whatever let’s your mind roam free is okay…rock, classical or anything to chase the boredom of the repetitive movements…I taught high school kids weight training and conditioning for over 20 years…now I talk to myself to get going and use the rock to keep going…the work has become a more urgent necessity now…I developed Churg Strauss Syndrome upon returning to the US. The doctors seem to think my life of continued exercise is one of the things keeping me doing so well.


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